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Random curves along geometry


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Hello magicians,

I got myself into a very dumb situation, basically one-day-project that I don't really understand how to create. So I decided to be brave enough to just bluntly ask for guidance from you guys, time is pushing me hard.

I have attached an image - key visual I have to recreate in 3D, company bought it on stocks or w/e. I have searched the web for tutorials on similar stuff, have seen some ideas from entagma guys and here on forums, but still, this example is more of a random length curve running along the surface with random start-end point and noise along the path.

I don't have words how grateful I am for any advice or guidance.

Thank you in advance, masters


P.S. pardon me if I miss-selected the sub-forum ;S


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have you checked this link? http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Pop_stick_to_surface

Your picture looks like, that each curve is a particle trail sticked to the surface. One way to do this is using a popnet, where you apply some forces on your particle flow and use minpos() to make them follow the geometries surface.

Here is a very simple setup




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