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Manipulating points with noise (vex)


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Hey y'all, very new to Houdini here and I feel like i'm missing something obvious. So i'm trying to create a line of points to be later turned into a polyline. I'm not having to much trouble making a straight line, but i'm trying to manipulate the points with noise but it seems to only be changing the position of the points in a linear way. ie, they're only growing farther up, not really 'wandering' in other directions. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


vector pos;
//vector rand;
vector growthpos = normalize(chv("growthposition"));
int numsteps= chi("numsteps");
vector wander = (noise(pos+1));
float wandermag = chf("wandermag");

    for(int i; i < numsteps; i++){
   pos = growthpos * i;
   pos = pos * (wander * wandermag) ;
   addpoint(geoself(), pos);

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the reason is that you are not updating the pos for your noise function, you simply generate one vector using noise and use for every iteration in the loop, which will always be linear

make sure you sample the noise every iteration using updated pos

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