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Particle size based on color from texture


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Hi all.

I'm having good results using the flip solver and particles, using density to drive them mainly.

Now I can't seem to figure out how to vary the size of the particles based on a colored texture. So all the particles have a unique size based on the colors in the texture. And the colors from the texture would be represented in the particles.

As always, thank you for your advice. Such a great community.


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Evan, it works great from the grid. Thank you.

But, I'm trying to make it work on a box geo that I made into a flip solver. That's how I'm generating my particles. Inside of the box, so they just flow over a surface. The particles stay inside the very very thin box.

Maybe there is a way to make the particles you sent just stick to the grid and swirl around on it?

Tricky, eh?


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Is this what you want? You can mix this with the pscale trick from the other file. This time I am just using attribute transfer to get the color from the grid to the particles. Or are you trying to do something with uv's on a flip sim like this?

Also there is a example file on mixing flip colors.




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Hello all.

I've managed to get much further, and am able to vary to point size of my particles. Thanks Evan for your help!

BUT, I still cannot get the texture to properly line up with the fluid. Instead of seeing the Mandril in this example, the UVs are wrong. And I have tried every combination of UV nodes, to no avail.

Frame 01 of the simulation should be the image of the Mandril, and the fluid particles emit from that and swirl around.

Any ideas?

Attached screenshot and project file.

Thanks! T



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