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Creating points vex

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I have been creating points in a attribute wrangle set to run over detail. I typed in 


which simply adds a point at the origin. 

That's what I have been doing until today when I noticed in the entagma video they type in

int pnt0 = addpoint(0,{0,0,0}); 

What is the benefit of creating a int first vs. the way I have been doing it?


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its a handle to the new point, so you could ex set an attribute value to it, or add it to a primitive.

vector position = set(0,0,0);
vector color = set(1,0,0);

int newprim = addprim(0,"polyline"); // create a primitive
int newpoint = addpoint(0,position); // create a point
addvertex(0,newprim,newpoint); // connect that point to the primtive

setpointattrib(0,"Cd",newpoint,color,"set"); //set an attribute


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