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Carve with randomize

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I like to do this with the Clip SOP instead of Carve. You just have to smash all your curves into UV space first, so that they're all lined up neatly along a single axis. The Resample SOP can get you the "curveu" attribute, which you can use to move all your curve points into a normalized UV space, and then the Clip SOP neatly trims them. To randomize, just move each primitive up or down before clipping. Then move the points back to their original space.

Attaching an example.


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alternatively you could use VEX.

1. create a measure sop (to measure the perimeter)

2. create a primitive wrangle with something like the following code:

//do this after a measure sop

#include <groom.h> 

float factorPerPolygon = fit01(rand(@primnum), .5, 1);
adjustPrimLength(0, @primnum, @perimeter, @perimeter * factorPerPolygon);

in above example each curve will be randomly refit between 0.5-1 times its original length.

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