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Release static particles from animated attribute

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I'm struggling to solve what should perhaps be an easy problem;

- Release a fixed number of points with an animated point attribute, using POP's.


Here's what I'm trying to do;

- Take a packed object of fractured pieces.

- Pass it to POP's.

- Treat all objects as static as first.

- Then release each object using POP's, using an animated point attribute.

- Use transformpieces to animate the packed object.


I'm able to do this with the RBD solver, but it takes an incredibly long time. I don't need the accurate collisions of RBD, but really need the speed of doing this with POP's.


Below is a side-by-side scene showing the setup working if I animate the particles using @P, versus my setup that doesn't work because it relies on an animated attribute that doesn't get passed through to the points (because they are born on frame 1 and have fixed attributes).

Help really appreciated!




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