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Running Houdini on a Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine


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I'm currently attempting to run H17 on a google cloud platform virtual machine (vm). Config is 24 cpu, 1 T4 gpu, running Kubuntu 18.04. I access the vm via vnc but I'm unable to launch houdini without it crashing. This may be because of the window manager I'm using (xfce4), but I'm not sure.

Is anyone here succesfuly running houdini on google cloud platform? and/or does anyone know of a point-by-point guide on how to get H17 running on a virtual machine?

Thanks guys

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I know a few people are using Amazing for these modern cloud based approaches and some have dared to set up their business model around it which is looking more and more interesting.
My guess is that Google cloud must have such configurations and if not, they will anytime soon.

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