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Copy: How to rotate objects along my Circle?


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There's a few issues here.

Some basics: An orientation frame (a 3x3 transform matrix) requires two vectors to build. Typically this is N and up. If you don't provide both of these vectors, or some other orientation attribute (like p@orient), Houdini is going to try to make some assumptions. You were providing just the N vector, and so Houdini was using a default up vector of {0,1,0}, which is going to align everything facing towards world up. You need to also compute an up vector, from either the tangents or the normals of your curve.

Additionally, you were trying to compute your normals from a closed NURBS circle. Polyframe is meant to work on polygons. You need to convert your NURBS circle to a polygon curve, and preferably use an open curve rather than a closed surface in order to compute better normals/tangents.

Attaching a fixed scene.

Alignment Try Then_fix.hiplc

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