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Arnold Light Blocker

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Hey, i am not able to see light blocker on view-port and not able to translate it as well.

While working in MAYA with Arnold when i pick a light Blocker in light, it shows a "box-locator" on view-port to manipulate it, is it not the same in Houdini?

Can you guys please show me how can i work with it or am i doing anything wrong?






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Yes, that cool but i will have to render my scene every time for this?

what if i have a bigger set? So, is there any way we can get a locator for it on viewport to see were the Blocker is really present?


Thanks for showing me the translations, i am new in Houdini  so i was not able to find it.



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It`s kind of late here in Madrid 1.00 am.

I just did a little test to see if you can use an object in the viewport that would be able to move the LIGHTBlocker MAtrix values

by using copy relative referances.

Well it actuall did, 

You can then make the object in the view port Not renderable in the Arnold Properties, etc...

Like I said it is late now so I can not make a full example,

But hay, the idea is this...

Good Night





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Hey, thanks Mangi for putting you time in it, it is working the way the way you showed, Although it was hard to find the input for values in Blocker but i found scale and translation inputs but still can't figure which once are for rotation.



Thanks Again,



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