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Instance switches when rendering with Redshift

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I am currently rendering a scene with Redshift. 
All is well and good except that sometimes my instances are switched out during the sequence. With switched out I mean that the instance is reverting itself to another version of itself, and switching back randomly during the sequence. This makes so that my objects start to flicker back and forth. This happens on random frames and not specific frames. The amount of instance-switches is random as well. I have tried reloading all files and double checked all files to see that they are indeed the correct versions. It seems that Redshift might store instance information somewhere? I have no clue guys..

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Okay, can you talk more then about what geometry you're instancing? Or better yet, share a HIP? Are you instancing just one geo, or are there multiple types of geometry? What exactly is in the object container(s) being instanced? 

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