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Houdini Fracture into 3dsMax

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We export 3dsMax-geometry (asigned sub-material) as Alembic with ogawa option.

In Houdini, We import it through Alembic(SOP), The Primitives are recognized by gruop "Max_Material_ID_*", but number is -1 compared 3dsmax-Submaterial-ID.

using Voronoi fratcure, it's create nrew group "inside" into breaked new surface.

DOP using this, no problem.

SOP import DOP result, unpack after DOP-import and change Cd with Color-SOP, Primitives keep their group.
Export ROP-Alembic with ogawa option.

3dsMax, import Alembic, the material asign is incorrect.Out-surface is 1, Break-inner is 2, missing surface asign.

Show vertex color, ther are correct, same as houdini.

from this result, we can re-asign muslsub-ID with max-script using vertex color value,
but is's not comfortable.

Is there a better way?






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Alembic Fromat,
in Houdini, Primitive group names are "body" "neck" from 3dsmax "name" value,

Rename Groups into 0~N - 3dsmax multi-sub-ID 1~(N+1)



3dsmax-alembic import.png

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