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Delete by Color Contrast

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Hi There,


Is there a way to delete a point by how much it contrasts from its given number of neighbours.

Essentially what I am trying to do is explained in the diagrams below; so perhaps there is a different and more efficient way to do it which I am open to;

I have these surface in the first diagram which I created with a certain noise derived by custom curves.

I want to extract the BLUE outlines and delete the RED areas so that I have these small spaces. 

It is an architecture project and essentially this surface is one of many and the blue outlines should be the walls of the rooms in a plan drawing.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have also attached the file, it slices through an existing geometry in time-based manner so frame 60 should give a similar result to below image.








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Posted (edited)

Unfortunately your example does not work. Something might have broken when you stripped it out (color sop ends up empty)

But I could give you some idea:

To remove by "number of neighbors" - you can do that noise not on Cd but on P, then with PcOpen you can check 'pcNumFound", fit that number and contrast it if needed (power). Remove point by threshold. 

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Thanks, just to double check because it works on my end, did you put 60 into the timeframe bar in the bottom?



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