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I've come up with the following problem.. I imported several planes with no divisions. After that I subdivided them to 3rd depth and wanted somehow to group all the centralpoint of each plane.

I tried to sort out what pattern subdivideSOP uses to tessalate geometry but I can't figure it out. I also had no luck with sortSOP - using "proximity to point" (I thought this would be the easiest way to put all of the points in order, and figure out central point repetition number.. Do you think guys it could be done using local varibles....? I really have no idea...

thanks in advance


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The conversion to nurbs was just to get the primtive count on each grid down to 1 which makes it easier to use the copy SOP. Depending on how your grids came in this step may not be necessary. Try bypassing the convert SOP to see what happens if you leave it out. MIddle mouse click on the nodes to see what their primitive count is at each part of the network.

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