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Find object level transformations

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It's one of the areas of Houdini where I'm not super confident.

I'm trying to fetch object level transformations of a camera into a null in an asset.

The idea being you hook up a camera and get the transformations from it so it can translate a ready made lightrig.

I was trying to use the optransform function but didnt have much luck.

Can anyone help me out?



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Posted (edited)

A simple test setup with a box, tube and 2 nulls inside a subnet.

If I just connect one of the nulls to a subnet input, it will become the input objects child and inherit the parent transform.
You can also fetch the transform manually with an expression. I used the NULL_PARENTED  object and opinputpath to fetch the second input object and get the tx channel.

Here's the expression to do that:

ch(opinputpath("../NULL_PARENTED", 0)/tx)





Edited by berglte
uploaded the sample scene

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