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Hello, everyone!


I'm attempting a snow solver inspired by Azmisov's one (found here: https://github.com/Azmisov/snow )

My main problem right now would be which is the language/framework that would allow for the extensiveness that I need. I want to create a custom dynamics solver. The Azmisov implementation was done in HDK, but being more familiar with python, I was looking if it could be an alternative. Meanwhile, the majority of python examples focus on SOPs and procedural geometry creation. I have also read that creating a new dynamics operator with python is not recommended (Deborah Fowler's page).

There would also be alternatives with VEX, simple solver node or a script node. 

I am interested in finding out the differences and what would suit a custom DOP solver.




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Since you can write and read attributes, you "can" do it in python, but it will be awfully slow. VEX would be a better alternative, but yet it isn't what the language was really made fore. The HDK is for sure the correct way to do it. In fact, one the examples of the HDK is a snow solver. You can find it in $HFS/toolkit/samples/SIM/SNOW_Solver.*

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Thank you! That clears out the options.

I have tried recreating Azmisov's node network, but using the hdk snow solver instead of his custom one (I noticed there were some similarities).

In the file attached there is no simulation playing. I assumed it was because of the solver not having an input to calculate on. In /obj/mpm/MPM_DOP/mpm_solver/sopgeo1 , the Data Name parameter should be "particles" for anything to happen (I assume), but once I write that in, Houdini crashes with a segmentation fault. 

Do you know where am I making a mistake here?


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