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Sweep multiple curves?

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I'm new to modelling in Houdini and I wonder if there is a straight forward way to sweeping a cross section made of multiple closed curves to essentially create a thick and concave cross section. So for example sweeping two circles on a line to make a tube with thick walls. In C4D for example, connecting two such closed curves and running it through the sweep would automatically do that but in Houdini the only way I'm able to do that is to sweep each curve separately, create boundary edge groups for each resulting skinned sweep, then polyfill between the boundary edge group. Seems like a lot of nodes for a simple task :)





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I am not sure exactly what you are talking about. Could you post a picture/hip of what you want. I included a hip of what I think you are trying to do.


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Your example sort of shows what I'm talking about but imagine the cross section wasn't a simple circle, what if I wanted to sweep the cross section formed by the two shapes below along a curve/line? The second image is basically the outline of the shape after individually sweeping/skinning but I need to somehow procedurally bridge the outer and inner walls. My boundary edge group->polybridge trick no longer works in this case because the edges don't match between the inner and outer wall(as seen in the 3rd picture). 


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