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Hello Houdini Folks,

I am working on a Outer Space Scene where i have the Earth and the Sun. The Suns orbit around the Earth is controlled via the Sun beeing parented to a Null in the Center of the Earth.

So far so good, but now i have no clue how to get the World Space Transformation Info from the Sun AFTER i have rotated the Null. The Problem is that the Transform of the Sunlight stays the same (i guess local).

I need the Suns Position to control a tool that generates a gradient over the earth dependend from the suns position - Tool works perfect but now after Parent-Rotation doesnt fetch the correct Transform Data.

Help would be very much appreciated cause im going nuts with such a basic thing since some hours :)


Cheers, Marco

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Posted (edited)

Here is a hip file if i didnt make myselfe quite clear. The Gradient that is dependent on the Sun position is inside the Cloud Geo.

Im using Mops and qlib if somebody gets broken assetmessage.




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I found the solution by accident if somebody is interested.
if you click on a parameter with the right mouse you can choose "reference-scene Data". And from there you can pick any object in your scene, local transform or world transform. 
So the solution was build in. I am still curious how to do that manually but for now it works like this.

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