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chs() with 'snippet' or 'inline code' vop

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I am doing some shader building for fun and ran into trouble fetching parameter values with the chs() function in a snippet or inline code vop inside a material builder. I just want to get the path string specified in the 'txt' parameter of the parent node, but chs('../txt') returns an empty string.
As you can see in my small example file the whole thing works fine when doing it in sop land with an attributewrangle. Since the wrangles are just snippet vops I dont have a clue what I'm doing wrong....maybe a context/bind issue? The compiler flags are identical on the wrangles snippet vop and the one in the materialbuilder.

Also, since printf() doesnt output anything from the materialbuilder I was hoping for some tips on getting var readouts for troubleshooting my shader.cheers!



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i haven't opened your scene, but in snippet VOP and inline VOP you generally don't use "ch" command to reference stuff. you just plug it in. it's the same as if you plug P into a Noise VOP for example.

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