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Volumetric Approach to Semi-transclucent Assets

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Here is short video showing how volumes can be used to shade and texture semi-translucent organic things.

Volumes For Organic Assets

This approach allows to achieve close-up realistic organic look for semi-transclucent assets where SSS or colored refraction is not enough.

An object with UV's is converted to signed distance volume with UVW grid. Then volume is used to set density and perform uv lookup in rendering.
This way density can be adjusted by depth. I.e. not so dense near the surface and very dense at the core.
Or not very dense, then dense patch like island of fat, then not dense again.

UVW grid is used to texture volume. Different textures can be used at different depth.
This approach allows very flexible yet powerful way to place any texture at given depth.
Texture X at depth Y. I.e. big veins are 5mm under the surface.
This approach is best for close up organic hero renders where SSS or refraction are not looking good enough.

Attaching example file


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Thanks Sergey, just watched the vimeo and it looks really interesting.

Thanks for taking the time to upload - I'll be looking to dig through your hip at some point too.



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