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Visual Effects Artists Needed - Work Remotely

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Looking for Visual Effects Artists for the post-production of my short film, When the Rain Sets In, brought to you by a team from Oscar and Emmy Award-Winning productions. 

3 Shots that need working on from our footage. We shot 3 plates: live, green screen, and empty. All in 4K. Everything is on Dropbox for viewing and would need the shots by the end of the summer. 

1) Creating fireflies that move behind her at the table she sits at. She is unaware of them. 

2) She transforms into a hologram.

3) A red heart vapour appears between his fingers. 

www.whentherainsetsin.com [www.whentherainsetsin.com]

Budget is tight, but paid positions. 

The film will be entered into all of the Oscar qualifying film festivals upon release. 

Please provide reel and quote

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My name is Annalisa Benedetti, I'm a visual fx artist based in Italy. Right now I'm a houdini and maya teacher, but I'd love to work with you!

I've seen the website of the movie and looks promising!


Here is the link to my reel:  https://vimeo.com/287983489 and my Linkedin account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annalisabenedetti/

Let me know if you need more information!



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