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Assigning material per primitive of instances

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I have a branch that I have scattered instances of leaves on. So a branch consists of about 20 points of leaves. I pack the leaves.  I then pack the branch with the leaves before I copy the branch(now with the leaves packed with it) onto the tree. Now I get about 1000 branches with 1000 sets of leaves. 
I have made a leaf material that works good if each leaf is its own instance/point. However in this case where one instance of leaves consists of 20 leaves/points I get weird results. How would I go about to assign my material so it effect each primitive instead of set of points?


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1. if you post a hipfile demonstrating the issue it will be easier to help you. 

2. do you have any special reason to pack things in a way you do? i mean, having multiple packed levels isn't typically a great idea. can you pack leaves and branches separately? alongside that, unless your branches are duplicate geometries, there is no benefit from packing them.

3. materials should work fine if assigned on primitive level before packing. if you need to assign them after packing use material stylesheets, or Packed Edit SOP (simpler but doesn't offer that much)


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Sorry my bad, I am not the best at explaining what issues I am having. 
I added a hip file that mostly shows how my setup is made. 

I am instancing hundreds of trees and I figured that instancing the branches and set of leaves per branch would make sense. I forgot to mention that I pack both the branches and leaves together for animation purposes. After the animation I use a unpack sop and I am then left with the branch instances and leaf instances separated. 

I will try using stylesheets and see if I can get something going :)



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