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Evenly spaced Z points in position Noise VOP?

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I create these mountains on my shape with a noise by getting that noise by affecting the @P.y attribute. Of course the mountains are thinner when my shape goes more steep, because the points distributed through the Z axis are more dense there. 

To resolve this I thought I should use a different Pos for the noise, so I created a grid and put it in the second input. But when I use getattrib(P) on that input and plug it into the noise, I don't get the expected results. (It seems to do nothing much)


Is it that you can't use differents Noise pos' like this? Does the topology have to match with the geometry or something? How does this work, exactly? 

How would one go about evenly distributing the noise position along the Z-Axis? So that you have just as thick mountains everywhere, no matter how steep?


Hope you can help me. :) Thanks.


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what you could try, is flattening the position (make the z position 0) before feeding it into the aanoise, if you want to make the noise more "2D"

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setting one of the components to 0, with a setcomponent vop

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