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(SOLVED) hipFile Save separately

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Hi guys,

I was wondering if I can save through python without changing the current save to it? I want add a feature to my cache node where once it's cached it saves a back up file in a new folder. I don't want the current scene to change to said newly saved file through. Is this possible?

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import time
import hou

# Save a backup of the current Houdini session
def saveArchive():
    # Get the file path of the current Houdini session
    # (Equivalent to $HIP/$HIPNAME)
    ogFile = hou.hipFile.path()
    # What do we want to save the archive file as?
    fileStr =  hou.getenv("HIP")+"/backup/BKUP_"+time.strftime("%Y%m%d%H%M%S")+"_"+hou.hipFile.basename()
    # Make sure this is a string (I was getting errors if I didn't do this)
    fileStr = str(fileStr)
    # Save the archive file
    hou.hipFile.save(file_name=fileStr, save_to_recent_files=False)
    # Revert the name of the Houdini session to what it was prior to executing this function
    # Return the path of the newly saved file
    return fileStr


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