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reference multiparm parameter into multiparm label


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Hi,I have a multiparm block (list) folder with 2 parameters : 1)label and 2)integer parameter with different values for each parm instance.

I would like each instance of the label to reference its pair instance of integer parameter (and then hide the integer parm so users can only see the label displaying its value). I tried writing this: `ch("intparm#")` into the label field, but it seems to always look at intparm1, even for additional instances.

Is there a way to do this somehow? Maybe force a python script into the label field? Any other workarounds?



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Hey Filip,

it's possible via this expression: `ch("number_"+substr($CH,rindex($CH,"_")+1,1000000))`

In order for this to work you have to name you parameter "label_#". The expression slices the string based on the last "_". That way you get the current index with which you can look up other parameters.

See the attached file for more info :)




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