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Found 8 results

  1. hi everyone , im trying to create a dynamic multiparm in my hda. i know how to access multiparm block's parameter and set the menu item from attribute. but i cant find a way to set the menu item dynamiclly inside the nested multparm. please help. is there any way i can do this ? for example ,the grey box only has 3 sizes, but it listed up other box's size. here its how i make the menu item. im not sure i explained well enough. but please take a look into my files. Thanks. test_dynamic_ui.hdanc test_hda.hipnc
  2. Hi Houdini People ! i have a question : I have a Multiparm who's updating number by Python Script (Basically : It get the input value of an attribute ) Once my Multiparm is set to the right number , i want to add some scipting on the hda. The problem is, if i update manually the number of multiparm instance, the callback is called ? But with my python script nothing happend. Any idear ? to be clear in the step i used : Plug a node with an attribute in my HDA ( the node is a connectivity who give me attribute pieces "name" ) On my HDA, the multiparm number is updated with python (it give me 3 different attribute pieces ( Pieces_0 , Pieces_1, Pieces_2) Now i call a function with callback on the multiparm to updates dymanically values nothing happend if i create a new multiparm with no Python on the number of instances i plug a node i update the values to 3 the callback is working fine any idears ?
  3. Yo, I have perfectly working dynamic multiparm list. I get all the values and params ect. only thin I can`t find is how to rename the labels of the parameters!! I`m doing it in a python callback. Sounds so simple, but I`m new to Houdini(ex-softie) so simple things can be hard haha Thanks a bunch, - J
  4. A python newbie here... I'm working on a small script to make a certain workflow of swapping operator paths for filters a bit less clunky in the context of rendering (with Renderman in this case). The idea: 1. Click a button (New Filter) to create a new filter node in the shop context - I got this working. 2. That will add a multiparm toggle+operator path. Set the operator path to the newly created filter. - Also done and working. 3. Use toggles to set (and swap) Display Filter operator path parm on the ROP node (ris1) - Far from working I suspect this will have to do with ParmTupleChanged events? and here things become very fuzzy... how do I match the toggle to the operator path to evaluate the correct parm (Filter 1/2/3...)? From a tupple? I guess I need to def a function for that. But how do I prevent more tan 1 toggle be on at a time... I'm totally stuck. I hope that makes sence and if anyone could point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome!
  5. Hi,I have a multiparm block (list) folder with 2 parameters : 1)label and 2)integer parameter with different values for each parm instance. I would like each instance of the label to reference its pair instance of integer parameter (and then hide the integer parm so users can only see the label displaying its value). I tried writing this: `ch("intparm#")` into the label field, but it seems to always look at intparm1, even for additional instances. Is there a way to do this somehow? Maybe force a python script into the label field? Any other workarounds? Thanks
  6. I'm working on an asset and I want to let the user perform different action individually on each pieces but instead of creating all the node for each pieces I would like to use a Multiparm for that. I'm really struggling to find a solution and I would really appreciate some help ! I'm attaching an simplify example to let you know more detailed what I want to do. Thank you odforce_multiparm.hipnc
  7. Hey Odforcers, I'm quite new here and have a question for you guys! Currently I'm working on a tool and the basic idea of the tool is that the user inputs some curves, is able to create tweaks on the curves seperatly if they want to, and after that, i will do some other stuff with the curves that is not important right now i.e I want to give the user contol over the color of the curve based on a ramp (user input). So in the parameter interface, I created a multiparm folder with a ramp in it. This way the user can make let's say 3 color ramps for 3 curves. The idea was that i created a for loop, with pointvop (witch sets the color ramp on the points), and based on the loop iteration a different ramp from the controller is used. (I hope this clear for you?) This is where the problem get's in! I have no idea how to reference the ramp values from the controller. In the example file is a test with just a single color, witch works fine! But I get stucked when I try it with a ramp. So my question is, is there a way to connect the ramp attribute from the loop to the ramp in the controller? Or otherwise, how would you deal with the issue if the user should have control over separate objects? Al the help would be very welcome! Thnx! colorCurve_example.hip
  8. Hello all, I'm currently working on a digital asset that creates sections from a given model. Each of these sections will have different values for different sections (the attribute values of all points within a section remain the same). Since the number of sections can vary, I've decided to go with the multiparm list to handle input. Since I've never used the multiparm before, I'm not sure how I can use these values within the HDA. From what I've been able to find here and on odforce, python seems like a good way to go. I've never used python in houdini so I'm a bit lost. How would I use python to accept the user values and set it for the points of the corresponding sections? Any help or leads will be extremely helpful. Pictures attached. Thanks, Rushil
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