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TOPs for caching out filecache nodes


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This can probably be done in many ways without using TOPs....

I have in several places four filecache nodes that I want to be able to run one after another in a particular order. They exist in different levels and dont know about each other at this point. I wonder what would be a good way to have them run in sequence. Is TOPs overkill for such a task?


Thank you.


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TOPs is a fine way to work with these. It's pretty much the replacement for ROPs which you can also do this in.

If you want a python base list that just presses the buttons in series you can use something like this.

https://www.orbolt.com/asset/LaidlawFX::Queue::1.0 - Pictures and Orbolt

https://github.com/LaidlawFX/LaidlawFX - Code base.


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