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Blast outside camera using visible prims rather than points

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Hi Guys, i'm trying to optimise my viewport by removing any environment geo outside the cameras frustum. My current method has been to create the cameras cone of view and have it take all the points, promote them to prims with maximum value set.

This works well in most cases but with geometry that has a low poly count already where there's not a single point from that primitive visible in the camera but spans the entire camera width I need a method that detects the primitives rather than the point.a


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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3 hours ago, Whatsinaname said:

You can use the Volume SOP > From Camera to create a volume out of your camera view frustrum and then do a quick check if something is inside the volume (e.g. create group from Volume and delete everything inside that group).  

Wouldn't that still have the same issue as i can only group by volume by points which wouldn't be visible inside the volume and is why I needs it to look for the primitive? 

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