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Good day ladies and gentlemen,

This student project is a Houdini tool aimed at generating game-ready rooms using predefined asset libraries, developed by myself and Mihnea Stoica, over the course of five months, at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
We developed this tool, as part of an outsource group, for a student game project, called Captain Starshot, developed by Double Door Games. 

We wanted to see how flexible and adaptable the tool was with different asset libraries, therefore, by courtesy of team Morbid, a student game team at Breda University of Applied Sciences, in one week we were able to make a new test case, where the results of the generated rooms looked very promising.

All kind of feedback and suggestions are welcome :) 



· Gonzalo A. Gigosos
· Mihnea Stoica


· Double Door Games
· Captain Starshot (avaliable on Steam for free)
· Team Morbid


· Song
Title: Crimson Fly
Artist: Huma-Huma


· Breda University of Applied Sciences

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Look really cool.

I wonder how fast the cook times are on an average level.

And how hard would it be to add an editor in Unreal to make the level maps. So you would not need to go back and forth between Photoshop and unreal to iterate on levels.

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Hello Maurits!

Thank you very much! Cooking one room takes 7 to 10 seconds, of course it depents on the computer. This time estimated was tested in my laptop: i7 (2.60GHZ), GeForce GTX 960M.

Yeah, is a good idea the fact of adding an editor in Unreal to make the level. I will look into it.

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