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Saving changes to promoted wrangle snippet


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Hello, I'm trying to create an HDA that can be used to learn scripting through Houdini. I wanted to be able to promote the wrangle snippet box to the interface of the HDA. It works fine except for when I make changes in the textbox on the tool and then try to save the node type. It does not save any of the changes I made. Thanks for any help on this!



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one thing to be aware of when promoting wrangle's code parm is that by default it will still evaluate all node paths relative to the Wrangle node, not your asset

so to access any parm on your node you would have to do chf('../parm'); instead of chf("parm");

to fix that, make sure you modify Evaluation Node Path on your wrangle to point to your asset, so something like .. if your asset is directly one level above the wrangle

then using chf('parm') in the snippet on your HDA directly will work


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