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Gas Fields in SOP Solver


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Hello, everyone!

I was wondering if fields created through Gas Match Field could be modified in a SOP Solver. When I plug the DOP Import of my SOP solver into a Volume VOP, it gives me a warning "cannot find attribute 'name', binding volume as density'. I have made sure I specify the data name of my field. However, if I use a normal vector field instead, I do not get the warning and I also have the field displayed in the viewport, which leads me to believe the SOP solver doesn't work on gas fields... 

How could I manipulate my gas fields then? Should I switch to vector and scalar fields when I want to customise my simulation? And stick to gas fields only when I'm using gas microsolvers for the whole network, without any custom SOP solvers? Maybe Gas Field VOPs and wrangles?

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DOP Fields will automatically import as Volumes into SOPs so no need to do anything else

as long as your input geometry of Volume VOP has volume primitive(s) and 'name' attribute, Volume VOP can automatically use the name of the primitive to bind values using Bind VOP or @ in wrangles, if not it can bind them all as 'density' 

so your issue most probably is that there is no geometry being imported which can happen on the first frame for example

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Thank you, Tomas!

Indeed, when I work with fields in DOPs, I have no issues when using Volume VOPs. My issues start when I'm working a field that I have created through a Gas Match Field node. Specifically, I have a Volume VOP which is working with a vector field, but not with the gas one. 

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