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Sending result from Python node to other nodes in the network


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Hello, everyone!

I need the result of some calculations done in a Python node in other parts of my network. I am doing a singular value decomposition using the NumPy package. I am getting two 3x3 matrices for each particle in my system.Storing them on the particles seems like a bad idea as they are 3x3 matrices and I am already storing other matrices and vectors on my particles. 

Is there a way a way I could recall those results further in the network, especially in Attribute Wrangles?



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just pass them as attributes, if they are really per particle, that may be the most efficient

if it's less data you can always just create point per data and still store on points, then access them from that geo, which doesn't have to be your main branch

dirty, potentially dangerous, maybe even slow way could be to set data as user data on the node and read in another node downstream using Python, wouldn't do it for lots of data though, or probably ever

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Thank you, Tomas! I'll consider point per data if my slowing down problems become overwhelming and I'll stay away from user data!

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