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MOPs Instances NON intersecting?

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In case anyone else is looking, I think MOPS Relax is what you need. "MOPs Relax applies a "relaxation" algorithm on incoming instances to spread them apart and prevent overlaps. You can optionally provide a surface for the instances to stick to so that they don't end up flying off into space. Relaxation is fairly quick in 2D space (relaxing along a surface or a 2D plane), but even though there's an option to relax in 3D space, be warned that it can be incredibly slow."

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Sorry about the late reply, didn't see this thread. You can send me MOPs questions directly, or ask on the MOPs forum.

Relaxation is based on a simple spherical object radius, so if your objects aren't roughly sphere shaped you might get some overlaps. I'm not sure what exactly "didn't work" means in this context, but if you can provide a more detailed description, or better yet a HIP file, I could help you out.

As MOPS instances are just packed primitives, the other thing you could try is to run them through a quick RBD simulation. Give the instances the point attribute `i@found_overlap=1` and then run them through a rigid body simulation, and they should separate.

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