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Enabling Detail in RBD Material breaks fracture!?

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[Houdini 17.5.173]

I have solid mesh with holes in it. I use RBD Material Fracture to break it (concrete mode), however :

1) If I don't enable "Detail" option, it works correctly

2) If I enable "Detail" option, I get bad geometry?

Seems like a bug in Houdini! Has anyone managed to find a workaround? The only workaround it to fracture massively and glue pieces but this is a heavy solution?







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Posted (edited)

Hmm, usually I find solutions after I post :) Anyways, two workarounds that do work, either: use remesh or divide, and somehow automagically this fixes the problem...

Actually No! The above solution works for simple geo, but for complex geometrical shapes it still fails. The solution that still works so far is convert to VDB then back to polygon, but this is tooo expensive and you need to have high vdb resolution to capture mesh details, so it's not practical!



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