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Procedural Space Station Builder


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An update on this project... The procedural tool is complete and my first space station is done!

Now to blow it up and crash it!

Here is a proper presentation of the tool

You can also check more details, and some high resolution pics, at my artstation page:



I made a tool that can be used to create space station modules for production of VFX.

Basically all geo is water tight and easily subdivided and ready for Mari or Substance Painter... I didn't made the textures procedurally because I feel the hand touch in textures would add realism to the objects.

The tool is 95% ready I feel but I am in the process of making my first Space Station... here are the samples:


And first render test:


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34 minutes ago, konstantin magnus said:

Impressive! But I just had to get this picture out of the dust! :P


Hahaha... thanks man! Nice CC. That was just a test render straight from the viewer, but I appreciate the care for the image.

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