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stretch and squeeze by map along geometry

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Hello everybody,

I want to strech and squeeze the points of a geometry based on a texture. The points should only move along the surface of the original geometry. 

How can I do this? I am not a pro in Houdini yet but I am getting better....

Below is a gif animation of my setup in Cinema 4D, which had too many limitations, so I want to create this in Houdini.



My first attempt with the Spring SOP and the "tension" point attribute didn't worked out (see attachment).

[Update / Clarification]: I'm looking for basic hints like which node / solver I should use etc....

Many thanks for any help or hints!



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Hey everybody,

I just found out that you can't set the tension per point or primitive with Spring SOP see: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/2104/?page=1#post-8680

I tried Cloth as well but I did't found any way to expand or shrink it with point attributes. Basically I want to set a force per point to repeal or attract the other points (but in a cloth or softbody like manner): 



Do you guys have any hints which solver or method I should use?

Thanks a lot!


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