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Split an object using points and normals

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I'm trying to split the frame of the table top into several parts.

As you can see on the reference image, each point of the internal polygon extends to the outer curve; these lines indicate is where I want to have the cuts.

I tried various approaches, like transferring a point attribute from the polygon to the curve, and use that information to split the curve (primitive split), but it's hard to control where the split will occur.

I need to somehow find the point (which may not exist) on the curve which intersects the ray starting from the inner polygon, in the direction of the local normal. For clarification purpose, I've included a picture of one piece that I've cut by hand





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couldn't you get one layer in y of the interior points and just copyToPoints grids to those points and boolean the geometry with those? if the plane's orientation is right it should align itself nicely with the point normals and do exactly what you're asking for.

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So I've found a much simpler solution

Copy grids on the polygon so that they' re oriented normal to the polygon, then use that geometry to boolean shatter the object.

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