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Strange Jitters on Guided Ocean

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Hi Guys,

In my scene an object comes out of the ocean.
I am trying to use the "guided ocean layer" for that but I have a strange issue while I'm trying to simulate with lower particle separation.
Basically, my flip tank is pretty small (2 by 2) with a boundary layer of 0.25 in any direction.
The issue I am having is a sort of vertical jitter of the water.

In order to try to understand the root of the problem, I went back to an empty scene, created the "guided ocean" from the shelf and updated it with my tank size and the particle separation I need (0.003)

I already tried to have a bigger tank (around 5 by 4) and a slightly thicker layer of water but without a success.
I am loosing my mind here, did any of you had a similar issue?

This is the result I have after 7 frames of sim.
I posted this on SideFX forum as well...






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