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Character TD - Melbourne

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We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers 

The Character TD is responsible for the setting up of cloth rigs and fur/hair systems for both Character and Creature animations.

You can:

  • Run cloth, hair, rigid body and crowd simulations
  • Troubleshoot creature and character pipeline issues
  • Script utilities while creating and integrating tools / plug-ins with the Maya API and MEL scripts to further the Rigging and Animation workflow
  • Maintain and customise rigs using internally developed tools
  • Develop and work on rigs and simulations which require complex and creative problem solving
  • Develop and integrate rigging tools into a robust pipeline

You have:

  • At least five years of experience in a VFX Production environment
  • A Bachelor's degree (or working towards one) in computer science, computer graphics or the equivalent combination of education and experience
  • An in depth understanding of anatomy and a thorough understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology for both humanoids and animals
  • A thorough knowledge of weighting and skinning and the ability to work interactively with modelers to resolve challenges
  • A proven ability to rig a variety of characters / objects in a realistic, non-cartoon manner
  • Scripting skills in Maya API, MEL scripting, Python and/or Perl
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to balance priorities under the pressure of a deadline-driven production
  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills with a keen eye for detail
  • An innate desire to stay informed of current technologies and techniques 

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