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Smoke Sim- vel not coming through?

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Hi! Houdini beginner here.

I created a custom velocity using pointVOP and added onto VDB surface attrib point.v as vel. When I middle-mouse click, it shows that vel exists. I have it scaled higher than 0 on the volume source in the DOP network and set "Add" for the operation option, but it makes no difference in the smoke sim. There's supposed to be a noise pattern in the velocity, but it's only taking into account of gravity. If I disable the gravity, nothing happens to the volume (the volume surface get steppier? but it doesn't push the smoke or anything). There's also a custom temperature going into DOP, but that one works fine. So I think I missed a step somewhere when bringing the velocity into the DOP network.....What am I missing? 

Thank you!!

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I made a few changes, I changed the vector type to displacement/velocity/acceleration. The reason  it wasnt working was the source volume was set to v (on volume source dop), but it should have been vel to match the vdb : )

hope this helps



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