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VDB velocity half circle?

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Hi! Houdini beginner here.

I have multiple curves that spin around that's being converted to VDB for smoke sim, but I'm getting this weird half-circle from its velocity. It almost looks like it's being clipped. How do I fix this? Thank you! 



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The top part is the viewport thing, visualization of "vel" volume.


The density looks fine. 5d7c378696f96_Screenshotat2019-09-1317-41-12.png.93072fb55f2e1939c421545588f7e56b.png


And here is the vel volume5d7c3797ed504_Screenshotat2019-09-1317-41-27.png.7c557a053481079e21e89e0753470732.png

If you want to see the correct velocity, you could use volume trail node to display the vel.



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