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I need a VOP trick here... (noise visualisation)


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I am working on the movement of some separate points in a VOP network with a noise, and I want to visualise that noise (just so I can tweak the parameters better, to get the movement I want).
Now putting it into the Cd of those points isn't good enough. I would like to see the noise on a grid or something.

How would one do this?

I tried putting a grid in the second input and put it on that with a 'get attribute' vop (but I don't know if that is even possible, didn't really work). After that I thought I should just make the noise on a separate grid and refer to that noise on the points, but of course with something like attribute transfer I can't get the full noise, I just get attribute of specific points.

Is there a way to use the noise created in a different network in another? Or is there a way to quickly visualise the noise inside a network on a different object or in world space or something?

Hope there is. :) 



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Promote the parameters of the noise node you are using in the vop. This way you can make a reference copy of the vop and simply apply it to a reference grid to preview the noise. When you make any adjustments to the original noise the reference should update.

Hope this helps

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