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Remove connected line

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I have a polygon circle, arc type: Sliced arc. I'am trying to remove all the lines by the red markings (see image) so I only have the lines going from mid and out.

I have tried to use a facet node, to create unique points, but when I blast the outer lines, the lines that goes from the center also get deleted.


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I just found that I can use the "Remove inline points, Distance" to do this, but it would be nice to know why the lines are "connected" even if they are made unique with the facet sop, just to get a better understanding of how the geometry works :)

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you can use a "convertline" node to convert each edge to a "polyline" prim type. Then you can blast the outer edges(prims) by the method of your choice.

You could also create a "line" and a "Copy and Transform" node and copy the line x number of times with a rotate to form a circle to get the same result.

The facet sop makes alle the edges unique per face/prim, you can see this when you move a prim after using the facet node (with "Remove inline points" off). The prims are still closed polygons. By using the "convertline" node, each edge is turned to a polyline(open polygon) primitive.

The "Remove inline points" is kind of a hacky workaround to your problem. 




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