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building 3D frames from mesh geo

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I have a mesh, my goal is to build coordinates on each point that matches the "curvature" of the mesh (plz, see attached). To build a frame, I have Normal which is easy, however I am not sure how to compute the second direction,T,  that should match curvature of the mesh? I've tried polyframe but it did not give good result, also "measure" node only highlights places with high curvature (but no direction is calculated). I also thought about whether the uv map already imported with mesh  could be useful but could find a good use of it (i.e. it's just a map, it does not say anything about the corresponding 3D points).


Any ideas :) ?




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i found partial solution: convert to vdb then use vdbanalysis: gradient (scalar-->vector)... it's partial in terms that one needs to convert to vdb first (as opposed to using the actual mesh) and the resultant vectors are "okay", i.e. most of them follow these tangent lines but some go haywire ...

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In 17.5, the measure sop has been improved. If you set the measure type to "curvature" and "Principal", you can then choose to output a direction vector.

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