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Moving points in an HDA

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Hi there.

I dont know if my basic approach to this tool is correct. If any better ideas are out there. I would love to hear them.

Ok. So I am making a tool meant to be used in Maya. It is basically a scattering tool. With this the user is meant to paint the locations for grass to spawn. This will distribute a bunch of points or packed primitives. With a second brush they are meant to paint where rocks spawn. Again spawning points or packed primitives.. Obviously the grass is not meant to spawn where it can penetrate the rocks. So I use a point relax and the pscale to move the grass out of the way when a rock appears. All good so far.

I would like to be able to add a function to manually move points after they have been spawned. With my tests I can do this quite easily by adding a edit node in the right location on the tree. So I can simply move the points before the relax tool. This gives a rather cool effect of watching grass move out of the way as I move clusters of rocks around. My question is. What do I need to add to my menu to allow the user to hit a button and select and move any points at will?



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