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Dopnet accessing parameter in Gasfieldwrangle

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I'm trying to access a microsolver in the Dopnet. I would like to get e.g the disturbance parameter of the disturbance node, which has the parameter name: "dist_scale".

With a Gasfieldwrangle node I can access e.g @vel, @density.. basically attributes.. which is working fine if I am changing them.

But if I want to access the parameter and try to change it, nothing happens. I tried it with @dist_scale or relative/absolute channel reference.


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Well, a parameter on a node is not an attribute or a field of data. Attributes are linked to the geometry.

vel and density are fields of vectors or scalar. They are attributes linked to a fictitious primitive that store volumetric data (voxels).

If you want to read a parameter in VEX, use the vex expression chf() for a float, chi() for an integer etc.

example chf(‘’path to the node with the wanted parameter / parameter ‘’)

And seeing another question on the forum, ch() is only to read, not change a parameter.

Hope the difference is clear.

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