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Yeah Cell.... Yeah Again

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nVidia has great products. No question about that.

What i meant is - if Intel puts a strong GPU module(s) in your CPU, then what's the point of buying a video card with GPU ?

It seems that Intel is on the right track these days, if they keep it up, then nVidia will suddenly join the AMD club.

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It'll be quite some time before a hybrid CPU/GPU can do graphics on par with today's GPUs. Right now, such a solution would compete with integrated graphics found on laptops, since they can offer comparable performance at lower power costs. The two major obstacles to a CPU/GPU becoming as powerful as current discrete GPUs are the fact that current CPUs have a huge transistor count (using up a lot of the GPU's budget) and the fact that access time and bandwidth main memory is considerably slower than the video memory found on graphics cards.

The first problem can be solved by doing what Intel is doing now, putting 2 chips in a socket ala their Quad processors (one chip is the CPU, the other the GPU). The second may be helped by their upcoming "quick path" memory connection (similar to AMD's hypertransport) which should debut later this year. But DD2/3 speeds are still too slow for the massive bandwidth needed to sustain high performance, high quality 3D graphics. By the time they catch up to Nvidia in several years time, Nvidia will have moved on to even more powerful GPUs.

So, if you need the cutting edge in graphics, you'll still be using a separate GPU for years to come. Hopefully the integrated GPU can be programmed as a co-processor, accelerating various CPU functions. Then it'd be really useful to have both, as latency between the CPU and its GPU would be very small (compared to today's latency from CPU->FSB->Northbridge->PCI-E->GPU). I can see some very useful applications for such a setup beyond strictly graphics (simulation, cryptography, etc).

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