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Mapping animated noise into a circular direction

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Hi guys,

I was trying what to map an animated noise which offset in x direction to in circular direction through VEX and attribute Vops.  Hopefully can get in offset and follow a spiral.



Let's say the x and y are equals to u and v ranging from 0 to 1.  The u value represents the angle in polar coordinate and the v value represents the radius.  I tried to do that in VEX but results in something below.

What's wrong with my code?



Here is a code I found written in matlab which might be helpful.  This guy exactly what I want to do.



The reason I want to do that is that I am doing a tornado sim, where the big funnel cloud needs to has some variety on the density. The cloud looks like it has a swimming texture on it, So having this circular/ spiral noise would help a lot and save simulation time!

Any alternatives are welcome! Many thanks!





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