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random translation in for loop


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I am trying to randomly translate on the y axis using a for loop. I have successfully randomized the color but for some reason I can't move them upwards.

int i=0;
vector rand=rand(@class*234.234);
f@randY=fit01(rand(@id*234.234),2, 12);

for(i; i<10; i+=1){


What am I doing wrong here?


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There's a couple of things here you need to fix.

First, a Wrangle, unless it's in Detail mode, is inherently a kind of for-each loop that runs in parallel. So if you're just trying to bump each primitive up by a random amount, you don't need a for loop in here; the wrangle itself will generate a new random value per id.

Second, the @P attribute of a primitive is only a sort of pseudo-attribute; it's not writeable the way the point attribute @P is. You'll want to edit point positions in a point wrangle instead. If you want to move each box randomly upwards, you have two good options: you can move the template points before the Copy SOP, or you can pack and instance the boxes and then move them in a Point Wrangle, since a packed object effectively works like a point.

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