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Roof Modelling difficulty


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Hi tmac,

you can move the internal point of a triangle to the border by applying the average position of its two other points to it:

image.png.3690c55965b304217c895240c47dbe49.png image.png.9015d8b6bbb6517b4bf45dee50765969.pngimage.png.6b0a5101fc0ee4d764aad4818588abb7.png

// in a primitive wrangle
if(primvertexcount(0, i@primnum) == 3){ // make sure it's a triangle
    int pts[] = primpoints(0, i@primnum); // collect all points of the triangle
    vector pos = 0.0; // set a initial position value for summing up the other two points positions later
    int pt_move = -1; // set a initial point number for the yet unknown inner point
    foreach(int pt; pts){ // run over all points of this triangle
        if(inpointgroup(0, 'outer', pt) == 1){ // ask whether this point is part of the outer group
            pos += point(0, 'P', pt); // add its position to the position sum from line 3
        else{ // if the currently processed point is not part of the outer border..
            pt_move = pt; // .. define it as the inner point thats supposed to be moved..
    vector pos_avg = pos / 2.0; // .. to the average position of the other two points.
    setpointattrib(0, 'P', pt_move, pos_avg, 'set'); // apply the new position to the inner point.

Rising the roof can be done without promoting the polyframe`s egdedist attribute, simply by calling the vertex attribute within a point wrangle:

v@P.y += vertex(0, 'edgedist', i@vtxnum);



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Never mind, you can check if the point has three neighbors, otherwise it does not move the point.

if(primvertexcount(0, i@primnum) == 3){
    int pts[] = primpoints(0, i@primnum);
    vector pos = 0.0;
    int pt_move = -1;
    foreach(int pt; pts){
        if(inpointgroup(0, 'outer', pt) == 1){
            pos += point(0, 'P', pt);
            pt_move = pt;
    if( neighbourcount(0, pt_move) == 3){
        vector pos_avg = pos * chf('shape');
        setpointattrib(0, 'P', pt_move, pos_avg, 'set');


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