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Simple move-to-center python scripts change packed geometry shape...


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Hi guys, I'm following this tutorial


There is a step that uses python to log city-block's original position and put them to the center of the world.

However, after the pack and python node, some of the city blocks turn into concave from convex shapes.

One of its points will go to (0,0,0), it doesn't happen in the tutorial...


When I pack those blocks, the primitive 17 is a big nice-looking surface.



But after the "move to center" script and blast, it becomes this ugly stuff..


Are there any clues about the geometry change?



Also the city block's geo file



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7 minutes ago, bunker said:

seems like a display issue, try creating a new sceneView or use unpack SOP after the blast node.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Creating a new SceneView solves the problem.

The symptom re-occurs, but switching back and forth between new and original SceneView can handle it.

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